About Basix

An object forever is an object of beauty.

Basix is a digital artwork and accompanying exhibition by Kevin Siwoff, made possible by 9To5.tv as well as through generous visitor donated support.

Basix.world, the e-commerce marketplace you are visiting now, is Siwoff's Platform As Artwork (PAAW). Here you will find real objects, which can be purchased and physically shipped to the Basix Lockr, located at 9To5.tv in Atlanta, Georgia.


Q: Is Basix real?

Yes! Basix is a real platform, with real objects. Basix may not be what you're expecting, but that's ok because it's art! Registering for an account on Basix is real. We won't sell your data, and we don't take credit card payments on the platform.

Q: How do I pay for objects on basix.world?

Although we use the term "purchase", no money is exchanged on the platform itself. Initial purchases are generously subsidized by the artist, however they may be subject to purchase limits. To support the artwork, and therefore increase your purchase limit, you can donate here.

Q: I've reached my $20 free purchase limit on Basix, but I want to order more! How do I do that?

Simply donate to the Patreon and you will increase your purchase limit.

Q: When will I receive my object?

Objects purchased on basix.world only ship to one location, the Basix Lockr, and from there fulfill their artistic potential when they ascend their pedestals. If you wish to aquire a work after it becomes an art object, please see the acquisitions question below.

Q: I would like to aquire one of the artworks from this exhibition. How do I do that?

So you've been watching the live unboxings on 9To5.tv, and you've heard that you'll get a larger return on investment by buying a Siwoff than you did on that Basquiat. Well, as Jeff Koons once said, "I love art collectors!" As Kevin Siwoff once said, "Talk to Ahm, the chatbot".

Q: What is an unboxing, and why can't I unbox my own purchases from Basix?

At Basix.world, we're working to optimize your life. With this in mind, we believe that surrogate experience is the best experience.